Excavating Contractor

An excavating contractor is a professional who works with residential and commercial property owners to help them complete construction projects such as adding a new foundation, improving drainage or clearing the land. They specialize in earthmoving and excavation tasks and use specialized equipment like bulldozers to complete these types of projects. In addition to excavating, these professionals often take on site preparation jobs that include grading, trenching and other similar work.Check out : https://valleyviewexcavatingllc.com/

What are the three types of excavation?

Before construction can begin, these contractors need to clear the area. This involves removing anything that would interfere with the foundation digging or building construction, including tree roots, old structures, large rocks and logs. They may also need to grade the land so that it drains away from buildings and roadways, which helps prevent water damage caused by rainwater.

Besides preparing land, excavating contractors also demolish old structures and other buildings to make way for construction or renovation. This is a hazardous job that requires skill and knowledge to ensure that the demolition process does not affect nearby buildings or properties. They also perform other related duties, such as laying pipelines and trenching for utilities.

As with any type of business, excavating contractors face significant liability exposures. Some of the most common claims involve hitting underground utility lines such as gas, water and cable. These types of incidents can create serious safety concerns and expensive repairs. In addition, if these businesses operate near public roadways, they may be exposed to liability claims from traffic accidents involving their trucks and equipment.

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