Student Housing in Berlin

Berlin Student Housing

The first few weeks of the Language and Thinking Program at Bard College Berlin are a chance to get acquainted with your fellow students living in the same residence. This is a great opportunity to form friendships that often last throughout your time at Hertie. The residence community develops a tight knit feel within each building that is based on the personalities of the people who live there. It is not uncommon for residents to cook together, share food traditions from their home countries and celebrate each other’s birthdays or graduations.This

Student Housing Unveiled: A Closer Look at the Berlin Experience

Finding student accommodation in Berlin can be difficult, even for those with a financial cushion and a strong network to fall back on. In addition, a great deal of the available housing is not suitable for students due to being either too far from school or otherwise ill-suited for them (e.g. non-smoking). Unfortunately, many new students have to struggle with finding adequate housing because it undermines their study experience and their ability to integrate into the city as a whole.

For those who do manage to find decent student housing, there are several ways that they can save money on their rent. For example, many of the shared apartments are ‘with utilities included’ (known as ‘warm rent’ or ‘Warmiete‘). This means that your monthly fee includes electricity and gas so you don’t have to pay for them separately. However, not all landlords offer this so it’s important to ask before you sign a lease.

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