Choosing a Restaurant Coffee Machine

restaurant coffee machine

As your guests arrive at your restaurant, they expect to grab a fresh cup of coffee or espresso to accompany their pastry or savory dish. This is why choosing the right restaurant coffee machine should be carefully considered in order to ensure that your establishment offers the perfect complement to your delicious menu offerings.

When it comes to selecting a restaurant coffee machine, there are many factors that you should consider including the volume you’re expecting to produce per day, the type of hot beverages you will serve, and whether you prefer a manual or automatic brewing system. For example, some commercial coffee machines are rated by cups produced per hour (usually based on 8 oz. portions), and you’ll also need to decide whether you want a 120V unit that plugs into a standard wall outlet, or a 208V or 240V machine that may require a more specific electrical setup.

Upgrade Your Coffee Service: Exploring the Best Commercial Espresso Machines on Sale

In addition to deciding what kind of hot beverage machine you will need, you should take into account any other equipment and supplies that your business will require. This includes a variety of drink toppings and syrups, along with an ample supply of coffee beans and the tools needed to store them correctly.

If your business is a third wave café that specializes in artisanal drinks, you might opt for the sleek and elegant Nuova Simonelli Oscar II professional espresso machine. This coffee machine combines traditional espresso technology with a modern aesthetic, and it is designed to meet the needs of high-volume cafes. Pressing the “Espresso” button once commands the machine to brew a single shot, while pressing it twice queues up a double. This model combines manual control with programmability, so you can set the water pressure and extraction time to your preference once and then reproduce it all day long.

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