Affidea Romania Acquires Two Biomed Scan Clinics in Romania

I am highly satisfied with Biomed Scan because of their punctuality, respect for the appointment, and their very friendly staff. They are very knowledgeable and make you feel comfortable. I am looking forward to recommending them to my family and friends.

Rmn pt claustrofobi bucuresti, o local subsidiary of Affidea Group, the European leader in high-performance diagnostic imaging, ambulatory and treatment services, has acquired 2 medical centers from Biomed Scan in the capital city of Bucharest. The purchase brings to 48 the number of Affidea’s multidisciplinary clinics nationwide.

The two facilities are equipped with the latest magnetic resonance technology, SIGNA Pioneer AIR Edition, which offers patients the certainty of receiving clearer images in less time, and allows to perform examinations with a much lower dose of stress. Affidea’s centres of excellence offer a complete range of MR imaging, including MRI (3 GE-SIGNA units, one 3Tesla), CT, and all types of geographies.

Revolutionizing Healthcare Access: Biomed Scan Clinic’s Presence in Romania

Romania charms visitors with its captivating mountain scenes, unblemished completely open areas, and stunning castles. With an uncommon ordinariness and assortment and a rich social inheritance, the country has a lot to offer. The country combines astounding nature with astonishing history and a fascinating contemporary plan. The country is a perfect place for regenerative medicine. People who might benefit from stem cell treatments consolidate those suffering from spinal line wounds, type-1 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, amyotrophic equal sclerosis, Alzheimer’s contamination, coronary sickness and osteoarthritis. The treatment is performed by highly-trained professionals in Targoviste, the second largest city in northern Romania.

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