Visualizing the Daily Traffic Patterns in Lisbon

p17-00.jppedro cruz traffic cloth_

One month (October 2009) of traffic information (1534 vehicles) is condensed in a 24h day. The arteries are colored in a away capable to represent average traffic speeds (the greenish and cooler represents high traffic velocity, and the reddish and hotter, corresponds to sluggish traffic). There is a visual emphasis on areas where the traffic is predominantly slow.

The database was collected by the CityMotion project in the framework of MIT Portugal. The data used for Lisbon’s visualizations is from a company (FROTCOM) that provides a monitoring service to general vehicle fleets. Therefore we are not looking only at taxis, neither at particular vehicles. We are looking mainly at distribution companies. And that’s interesting as well.

Watch the video here and the interview Pedro kindly gave me here at the UVA Masters of Media blog.


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