Urbanflow Helsinki

Urbanflow Helsinki

Urbanflow, a joint effort of Nordkapp and Urbanscale, envisions an operating system for cities. The scenario explored in the video revolves around situated urban screens and their potential uses.

The general challenge is that while cities are fast, municipal decision making is slow by nature. The heavy and invisible decision-making process within cities causes disconnect with citizens, and despite an abundance of commercial messaging platforms, there is yet to be a dedicated platform where the city and its citizens can meet.

Existing commercial messaging tries to get attention by being ‘the loudest voice’ in the city and attempting to occupy the most space. We believe that city space should be shared equally between citizens and corporations and that a compromise is possible. We know that there are better and more subtle ways to negotiate the co-existence of commercial, corporate, municipal and citizen-authored content in the city.

Read more about their project on their website and watch the videos

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