Urban Heat Islands

urban heat islands

This project is one of the six projects shown on the  LIVE Singapore! exhibition. The projects were developed by the SENSEable City Lab and part of the Future Urban Mobility research initiative at the Singapore and MIT Alliance for Research and Technology. Researchers have collaborated on the development of an open platform for collating and publishing a range of innovative, real-time data visualisations about the city. It is being described as a “feedback loop between people, their actions, and the city”.

About this project, it is documented that temperatures in cities are several degrees higher than in the surrounding countryside, but as temperature rises we use more air-conditioning, which in turn results in even higher temperatures. Check out this effect on the map, which shows estimated temperature rise (top) and energy consumption (bottom) in different parts of Singapore.

As heat is generated by energy usage, high energy consumption can translate into small local temperature rises of up to a few degrees (called man-made or anthropogenic heating). Combining data on the energy consumption of the city’s different zones with the wind speed, local temperature rise can be estimated. A portential addition of measured urban temperatures will provide the basis for a future city condition monitoring program.

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