Trulia Crime Maps


The slick Trulia Crime Maps [] aims to give the masses the opportunity to understand what is “really” happening in their local neighborhood. The interactive geolocated heatmap visualizes where crimes happen most, what types of crimes those are, and when they actually happened. In addition, locals and passers-by have the opportunity to comment and discuss what is ‘actually’ going on in their environment through the online interface.

The map is now available for over 50 metro areas, and includes more than 5 million data points aggregated from more than 1,000 different sources. Neighborhood blocks are colored according to crime density: the top 5 percent of blocks with the most crimes are colored dark red, the next 5 to 10 percent in light red, and so on.

According to GigaOm, this mapping feature was made possible because of the recent acquisition of geo-data aggregation startup Movity by Trulia.

Source: Infosthetics

Data Sources
The crime data is provided by three partners,, and These partners work with police agencies, crime feeds and news outlets for data. Unfortunately, not all police agencies publish data and we are limited by the partners we work with.

The data is not real-time
Our next version will solve this for all the agencies that provide data in near real-time. Agencies that report data weekly or monthly will still have time lag. From: Trulia

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