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The Prime Minister David Cameron has unveiled a new Tech City Map plotting the 600 technology businesses in the East London area.

Tech City Map, created by developers at Trampoline Systems and designed by Playgen, pulls in streams of social network data for all of the businesses in the area to help analyse their influence. The Tech City Map follows in the footsteps of Matt Biddulph’s original Silicon Roundabout map as well as Wired’s very own version, produced in 2009.

Meanwhile, to support the growth of businesses in Tech City, the Government has expanded the Red Tape Challenge, which invites entrepreneurs and investors to tell the government where rules and regulations hinder innovation.
Cameron welcomed the growth of Tech City — from around 200 businesses in November 2010 to 600 today. He said: “As a government, we are determined to continue doing everything we can to help support and accelerate this growth. We have already taken action such as introducing the Entrepreneurs Visa and tax breaks like the Enterprise Investment Scheme. We are also looking at new ways we can protect intellectual property. But we are not done yet — we’re looking forward to continuing our work with the community in Tech City to further support them to grow”.

Eric Van Der Kleij, CEO of Tech City Investment Organisation, said: “We are not looking at a bubble here. This is real business creation and jobs based mainly on organic growth, encouraged by the right set of business-friendly policies.”

In addition to launching the map, there were some key technology announcements, including Cisco’s pledge to partner with UCL and Imperial College London create a Future Cities Centre in Shoreditch, which will research and commercialise technologies in the area of smart infrastructure. Cisco is also to launch a National Virtual Incubator to provide money, technology and human resources for start-ups.

Meanwhile Qualcomm announced that it would launch first Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging trial for London in early 2012, with as many as 50 wirelessly charged vehicles. The aim of the trial is to enhance the smart electric vehicle experience.

Finally Intel is to launch a high performance computing cluster that can be used by companies in Tech City.

Check out the Tech City Map here. It seemed to be having a few problems on Chrome when we had a play with it, so it might be worth trying another browser.

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