Stadtbilder (“city images”) is a new project by Moritz Stefaner — an attempt to map the digital shape of cities. Moritz is increasingly fascinated by the idea of mapping the “real world” — life and culture as opposed to just physical infrastructure — and when he learned about the really deep datasets Georgi from Uberblic (Data was retrieved on 12.03.2013)  had been collecting, he just had to work with the data.

The maps show an overlay of all the digitally marked “hotspots” in a city, such as restaurant, hotels, clubs, etc. collected from different service like yelp, or foursquare. What they don’t show are the streets, the railroads, the buildings. Moritz wanted to portray the living parts of the cities as opposed to the technical/physical infrastructure we usually see on maps.The only exception are the rivers and lakes, because he felt they help a lot in orienting on these fairly abstract maps.

While the designs are meant to be printed, as a digital companion, the website helps you decipher the posters by providing a little map overlay on click. Moritz put a form on the site for those who may be interested in a print -> sign up to be notified when prints are available.






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