The first online open source database of city sounds  and soundmaps from around the world, using found sounds and field recording. The sounds can be listened to, used in performances on laptops, or played on mobiles via wireless networks. A sound art project by UK artist Stanza you can now contribute your own found sounds onto the various soundmaps or create your own soundmap. This website allows the audience the possibility to remix the hundreds of samples recorded from around the world in the database. There are now thousands of sounds from around the world.
Soundcities uses recorded soundscapes from world cities made over the last twelve years. The Database is also open so anyone can upload sounds they collect from world cities, thereby making a contribution to the project and making an online sounds archive.

Stanza is a Uk based artist who deals with net art, multimedia, and electronic music. Most of his work can be viewed from

You can access all the cities in the following links:

| Łódź | Aarhus | Albany, New York | Amsterdam | Bamako | Bangkok | Barcelona | Beijing | Belo Horizonte | Bergen | Berlin | Bilbao |Birmingham | Bogotá | Bristol | Brussels | Budapest | Buenos Aires | Cairo, Egypt | Camberwell | Caracas | Chicago | Cork | Dresden | Esquerdes | Gothenburg |Granada | Graz | Halifax Nova Scotia | Hamburg | Helsinki | Istanbul | Kobe | Lisboa | Liverpool | Ljubiana | London | Los Angeles | Mexico | Montpellier | Munich |Napoli | New Delhi | New York | Orizaba Ver. Mexico | Paris | Porto | Prague | Rabat | Rio de Janeiro | Rotterdam | Salzburg | San Francisco | San Sebastian | Sao Paulo |Seoul | Shanghai | Suzhou | Taipei | Tallinn | Thessaloniki | Tokyo | Trieste | Uhtrect | Vienna | Yogyakarta |

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