The city of São João da Madeira is a living lab and a web-based platform like Odourmap, for
citizen participation and community relations on odour management, fits perfectly in this
context. The municipality intends to develop a relationship of trust with its citizens.
Citizens, city hall and local industries are involved in this process – by integrating citizens’
odour complaints, with the follow up provided by technical staff of the municipality and the
involvement of local industries to investigate whether an odour complaint is plausible.
Odours are now communicated in a transparent way, between the concerned parties, in a
direct and modern way via online and/or mobile phone.


The Odourmap platform is a software application available on the internet and as a mobile app (Citizen Monitoring) that allows citizens to report episodes of bad smell in the city.

S. João da Madeira is the first city in Portugal to test this Odournet platform, a Dutch multinational specialised in this sector, with 30 years of activity and similar experiences in Barcelona.

In sjm.odourmap.com, citizens can register the episode of bad smell by denouncing the location and the time felt the odor, as well as the level of intensity of it. The platform also provides a list of predefined odours that citizens must identify with the one they felt. The system crosses the episodes with atmospheric data and provides a historical record of events.

The complaint may be anonymous but, if not, has the proper follow-up and is guaranteed to the citizen feedback.


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