MySociety Travel Time Maps


Text source: Stamen Design

MySociety Travel Time Maps

Interactive maps of travel time and housing prices in London

MySociety, an NGO which builds websites that give people simple, tangible benefits in the civic and community aspects of their lives, came to Stamen with a remit to explore two fascinating datasets: median prices of homes throughout London, and the time it takes to travel from one place to another throughout the city.

Both of these datasets are fairly well understood, if not widely available for public consumption in graphic format. We thought that we could add the most value to people’s experience of this material if we did two things: provided an exploratory (as opposed to search-based) way to navigate, and alsocombined the information into a set of interactive pieces that let you explore the various parameters on your own.

For example, you may have decided you want to spend £200k on a house, and live within 1/2 hour of your work, and it’s simple enough to search for that information. But what if the results that come back aren’t quite to your liking, and you can’t find a neighborhood that meets those parameters? Normally, you’d have to go back to the beginning, twiddle your search terms one way or the other, and start again.

By introducing a set of sliders which control travel time as well as median house price displays, we can let you explore the data on your own terms. If you’re willing to pay a bit more to live a little closer to work, for example, you can quickly adjust the sliders to reflect those choices, without having to go back to the beginning and start searching all over again.

We think this way of interacting with information—exploring as opposed to searching—has alot to recommend it as more and more data moves onto our screens and into our lives.

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