Microblading – How it Works

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Microblading – How it Works

In the process of eyelash lifting near me embroidery, a certified specialist makes small, precise cuts in your skin with a blade, which is injected with pigment. These tiny cuts mimic individual eyebrow hairs. The result is a soft, feathery effect.

Saves Time

With microblading, you can wake up with naturally perfect looking brows that are fuller and more defined without the hassle of re-applying makeup every morning. It also doesn’t smudge, ruffle or fade as easily as regular eyebrow pencil does!

Natural Looking Results – The best part of this procedure is that you will not be able to notice the difference between your natural brows and your microbladed ones. This is because microblading toronto doesn’t use tattoo ink, which can change color over time and make the results look less natural.

The Importance of a Consultation Before Microblading in Toronto

Compared to a traditional permanent tattoo, which penetrates deep into your skin and uses a dye that can fade over time, microblading toronto only reaches the first few layers of your skin. This means the color will fade slowly, but it won’t completely go away.

Longevity – It can last up to two years (depending on your skin type and maintenance habits) or longer!

This is because the pigment is implanted under your skin and will not be affected by water or sweat. As a result, you can workout and wash your face without fear of your new brows getting wet or smudged!

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