About Me

Flowing city was designed and maintained by me -> Margarida Fonseca, a Project Manager at PT Sistemas de Informação, Portugal.
After many years as Project Manager in website development, I decided to embark on a different kind of a project: a sabbatical year, some time off work and worries.

This decision was greatly influenced by Stefan Sagmeister’s TED talk about his sabbaticals and by attending to a Manuel Lima conference about information visualization and visual complexity. These two events combined led me to one year in Amsterdam, more specifically, to go back to student life and to learn about Information visualization. I  enrolled on a Master program at the University of Amsterdam (UVA) where I had the privilege of meeting not only Manuel Lima as Yuri Engelhardt (my teacher at UVA and my thesis supervisor) both of them recognized voices in the field of Information Visualization.

This experience was both enriching and life changing, and although after finishing my master degree I returned to Portugal, I know that I returned a different person: a more flexible, open, curious and less stressed one!

You can contact me at margarida.a.fonseca(at)gmail.com